Leslie Jones Provides The Only Commentary On Trump’s ‘F*cking Embarrassing’ Speech You Need

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Whether it’s the latest Marvel movie or the Olympics, Leslie Jones’ Twitter feed offers the only commentary you need. The former-SNL cast member and current-Supermarket Sweep host has recently taken to filming cable news shows on her phone and offering her two cents, like this video of an MSNBC guest discussing Trump pardoning his kids where she joked, “Seriously, what f*cking void did you go to to make this goddamn video? I understand keeping it simple, but goddamn, son.” Many of Jones’ tweets are about Zoom backgrounds, but occasionally, there’s a good ol’ fashioned takedown, too.

On Wednesday night, she tweeted, “This is F*CKING EMBARRASSING,” along with a clip of MSNBC documenting the numerous lies that Donald Trump pushed about the election in a new 46-minute (!) video. “You know how sad you look, you f*cking stupid f*cking child?” Jones said about the president. “You up here with a chart you can’t even read. He can’t even read this chart. He don’t know what the fuck that chart say… Listen, let me tell you something. I can’t believe anybody that’s a fan of me can’t look at this stupid motherf*cker and not be f*cking embarrassed. I’m so f*cking embarrassed. Can we cut off access to the other countries that are seeing this type of sh*t?”

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Written by Josh Kurp

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