The Food And Drink TikTok Accounts That Helped Us (And Our Stomachs) Get Through 2020

TikTok Accounts That Upped Our Kitchen Skills In 2020

Enough recipes saved to last me through 2021.

Coffee Bae let us all pretend that, even in 2020, we had a bae of our own to make us complicated and delicious coffee drinks every morning. Plus, she almost had me splurging on a bougie ice machine because the only thing that can save this year is the perfect tiny ice cube in my drinks, okay?!

Morgan, who drinks coffee and lets us join her.

Morgan, a professional barista, not only made us swoon with her amazing coffee creations but also made us (or maybe just me?!?!?) feel way better about the obscene amounts of coffee I drank this year.

Did we miss any of your faves? Drop their handles in the comments below!

2020 is finally (almost) over, and we’re looking back on the year. Check out even more from the year here!

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